Excellence is rewarded! The 2021 British Bodyshop Awards Finalists

Activate Group - Presenting 3 Awards:


Car Bodyshop of the Year Award
 iRG Group
 M J Warner Accident Repair Centre, Buntingford
 QA Vehicle Solutions, Edinburgh
 Steer Automotive Group


HGV Bodyshop of the Year Award
 A&R Vehicle Services, Wednesbury
 Premier Bodyworks, Bury St Edmunds
 Ross Gordon, Avonmouth
 Spectrum, Thurrock and Sidcup


LGV Bodyshop of the Year Award
 ARC Coachworks, Ashford Middlesex
 C&C Vehicle Services, Wolverhampton
 Complete HGV Solutions, Ware
 Spectrum, Thurrock and Sidcup


Admiral - Presenting 2 Awards:


Customer Delight Bodyshop of the Year
 Fix Auto Durham
 Fix Auto Stevenage
 Garretts Bodywork, Essex
 SJ Fuller, Bridgend


Strategic Partner of the Year
 FMG Repair Services
 Gemini ARC Group
 iRG Group
 National - ARG
 Turners Accident Repair Group


Ageas - Presenting 2 Awards:


Ageas Advocate and Promoter of Green Parts Award
 Alan Reed, Co Durham
 D Cram Body Repairs, Falkirk
 Fix Auto Chelmsford
 North East Accident Repair Centre
 Wedgwood CRC, Bicester


Ageas Advocate and Promoter of Repair over Replace Award
 ABL 1 Touch Group
 Coachwork Renovations, Gravesend
 Fix Auto Oswestry & Wrexham
 Jenkins & Pain, Dover
 P J Rhodes Group


BMW - Presenting 1 Award:


BMW Approved Bodyshop of the Year 
 Listers Group Bodyshop, Boston
 Park’s Body Repair Centre, East Kilbride
 Sowton Motor Body Repairs, Exeter


BSI - Presenting 3 Awards:


Kitemark™ Excellence Award Client Managers Choice 


Kitemark™ Excellence Award  - Multisided Organisation


Kitemark™ Excellence – Small Independents 


Covéa - Presenting 1 Award:


Customer Excellence Award 2021
 Alton Cars Group
 Apollo Motor Group      
 Artis Accident Care Group
 Fix Auto UK
 Steer Automotive Group


Direct Line Group - Presenting 1 Award:


Repairer of the Year
 Cofton Motors Starcross
 Autospray Body Repairs, Cornwall
 East Bilney Coachworks, Thetford


Enterprise & Innovation Group - Presenting 3 Awards:


Enterprise Fleet Repairer of the Year Award
 Fix Auto Dagenham
 Freemans Vehicle Repair Centre, Pembrokeshire
 Merseyside Car Hospital
 QA Vehicle Solutions, Edinburgh
 Tate Accident Repair Centre, Leeds


Enterprise Customer Repairer of the Year Award, Managed by Innovation Group 
 D C White & Co, Walthamstow
 ECF (Eastbourne Coach Finishers)
 Express Bodyworks, Wolverhampton
 Freemans Vehicle Repair Centre, Pembrokeshire
 Ipswich Accident Repair Centre


Innovation Group Repairer of the Year Award
 Axiom Accident Repair Centre, Peterborough
 John Newman Bodyworks, Bedfordshire
 The Car Refurb Centre, Worcester


Gallagher Bassett - Presenting 1 Award:


COVID-19 Resilience Award 
 M&M Group
 Motofix Group
 Rainbow Bodyshop Group
 Steer Automotive Group


Jaguar Land Rover - Presenting 4 Awards:


Jaguar Land Rover Region 1 2020-2021 Authorised Bodyshop of the Year 
 James Alpe, Clitheroe
 Lloyds Autobody, Liverpool
 Mitchell Inglis, Glasgow


Jaguar Land Rover Region 2 2020-2021 Authorised Bodyshop of the Year  
 Fastlane Paint & Body, Elstree and Sunninghill
 Individual Specialist Cars, Birmingham


Jaguar Land Rover Region 3 2020-2021 Authorised Bodyshop of the Year  
 Premier Panel Skills, Farnham (Steer Automotive Group)
 R&R Autos Bodyshop, Basingstoke
 Paint & Body, Croydon


Jaguar Land Rover 2020-2021 Authorised Network Bodyshop of the Year 
 To be announced on the night


LV= - Presenting 3 Awards:


Best Loved LV= Own Repairer
 Bennett’s, Ayr (Steer Automotive Group)
 Gemini ARC, Bodmin
 Northern Accident Repair, Halifax
 S J Fuller, Bridgend
 Wakefields Accident Repair Centre, Warminster


Best Loved LV= Sole Supply Repairer
 ABL Portsmouth
 Apollo Motor Company, Swindon
 AW Accident Repair Centre, Derby
 Gemini ARC, Yeovil
 Halo ARC, Chandlers Ford


The LV= Green Heart Standard Award
 AW Accident Repair Group
 Gemini ARC Group
 Halo ARC Group
 Rye Street Group
 The Vella Group


National ARG - Presenting 2 Awards:


National ARG Network Bodyshop Group 2020
 AD Williams Group
 Alton Cars Group
 Page Automotive Group
 Steer Automotive Group


National ARG Network Independent Bodyshop 2020
 Cragg & Roberts, Preston
 Mackins Accident Repair Centre, Newry
 M&L Coachbuilders , Glasgow
 Howell Accident Repair Centre, Bangor


Stellantis - Presenting 1 Award:


Stellantis Outstanding Achievement Award
 ACR Auto Crash Repairs, Bedford
 PEGGS Accident Repair Centre, Birmingham
 Ripon Paint & Body


Thatcham Research - Presenting 3 Awards:


Apprentice of the Year 2021
 Alex Evans, Copart, Avonmouth
 Kelly Vieira, Solus Accident Repair Centre, Bournemouth
 Georgia Spybey, Solus Accident Repair Centre, Luton


Apprentice Mentor of the Year
 Adam Murray, Aviva Insurance
 Paul Hodges, Solus Accident Repair Centre, Luton
 Stuart Gore, Motofix Accident Repair Centres, Northampton


Special Recognition Award
 To be announced on the night


Vizion - Presenting 2 Awards:


Bodyshop of the Year
 AW Accident Repair Centres, Lincoln
 Campaillas Accident Repair, Llanelli
 D K Autos, Aldershot
 Station Road Body Shop, Leeds
 Zeus Accident Repair Centre, Maidstone


Manufacturer Bodyshop of the Year
 Ashford Accident Repair Centre, Kent
 Barrett Accident Repair Centre, Canterbury
 MG Cannon, Gloucester
 RMB Accident Repair Centre, Runcorn
 The Paint & Bodyshop Hull (React Group)


Volkswagen - Presenting 2 Awards:


Volkswagen Group Bodyshop of the Year
 C&P Panelcraft, Croydon
 K J Rule & Son, Cornwall
 Pentagon Paint & Body, Hatfield
 Poole Accident Repair
 Summers Accident Repair Centre, Ashford Kent


Volkswagen Group Customer Champion Award
 Doseley Motors, Shropshire
 Liam Kenny Motor Body Repairs, Eynsham
 Reynolds, Droitwich
 Wilsons of Rathkenny ARC, Ballymena